Built the way things used to be.
3822 Augusta Hwy, Gilbert, SC

About Carolina Backyards

Wouldn't you rather spend your Saturdays enjoying your backyard than laboring over some kit? Carolina Backyards exists to help you do just that. Families today need refuge from the hustle and bustle of daily life like never before, and what better a place for that than your own beautiful South Carolina backyard. Our playsets and pergolas can transform your backyard into a family oasis.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the perfect playset and/or pergola for their unique situation and environment with the finest wooden playsets and pergolas that best fit their needs and circumstances.

We are a small company doing BIG things. At Carolina Backyards you will find friendly, personal service eager to meet your needs. You will find the hands down best value on the market for wooden play systems. You will find a man who truly cares about your child's safety and development. You will not find pushy salesmen, flashy colors, unrealistic warranties and complicated contracts.

Our products are handcrafted from scratch by skilled craftsmen right here in Gilbert, SC.


To glorify the Lord Jesus Christ through quality service and products that will enhance your family backyard experience.

Family Owned and Operated

Since early childhood, Jennison Weed was always building something. From a big quail coop and barn at the age of ten, to an all-wooden racing hydroplane at the age of twenty, he couldn't get enough wooden projects.

After graduating college, Jennison spent many years operating a successful construction surveying business. But he always had the itch to do something more with his life, so when The Great Recession hit in 2010, he jumped on the opportunity to start fresh.

In 2010, Jennison began Carolina Backyards with one primary goal--to provide quality backyard playsets "the way they used to be built".

With many long hours, lots of sweat and some tears the business began to grow based on its reputation and referrals. We diversified into many products including chicken coops, bench swings and composite furniture. The response was enormous. On any given day at the shop, Adirondacks were being made and bought, chickens coops were being built and delivered and playsets were NOT getting built. In keeping with building playsets "the way the used to be" change had to be made. So, we have eliminated all of the other "stuff" and now just focus on playsets and pergolas. Jennison can now give you the hands-on personal service you deserve. He, Kimberly and Josh truly enjoy serving our customers and consider it an incredible privilege to bring joy to families through Carolina Backyards.

"It is so much fun to work all day and see the face of a child who comes home from school or daycare and finds their very own playground in their backyard. Our customers are the greatest folks this country has to offer. In such a dark world, it is so refreshing to do business with the precious, loving families that are so often Carolina Backyards customers."--Jennison Weed

Family Photos

The kids build a lemonade stand from scrap pile at the shop

Noah with a chicken -- in the house!